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Yak Pack – Night Pack

If you are an evening and low light kind of angler, then this package is perfect for your type of fishing. With the exception of our Glow Zipster, the primary colors are dark in nature with primarily black base coats and purple under bellies. With plugs ranging from ¾ ounce to 1.75 Ounces, these lures are perfect for your night fishing needs.
1 X ¾ Ounce Baby Popper – Black/Purple
1 X 1 Ounce Zipster – Glow
1 X 1 Ounce Enhanced Tail – Black/Purple
1 X 1 Ounce NeedleFish – Black/Purple
1 X 1.75 Ounce NeedleFish – Black/Purple
Value = $57.50

Yak Pack – Night Pack
Price: $51.00