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Yak Pack – Single Hooks

A selection of our most productive lures set up with VMC Perma Steel siwash single hooks. Arguably one of the biggest problems and minor pain points (literally) for kayaking anglers is the fear of a wave broad siding you and your vessel when you’re least expecting it sending loose tackle everywhere. Although we cannot assure that you won’t be hooked, our single hooks instead of treble hooked lures do certainly reduce the risk. Still productive, just a little more focus on safety.
1 X ¾ Ounce Baby Popper – Pearl Green
1 X ¾ Ounce Baby Popper - Canary
1 X 1 Ounce Needlefish – Eel
1 X 1 Ounce Enhanced Tail – Azure Blue
Value = $41.00

Yak Pack – Single Hooks
Price: $37.00