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Yak Pak - Eel

Yak Pak - Eel
When fishing flats or sand bars, eels are a primary meal for hungry game fish. Designed specifically for those people fishing tidal waters and rivers where eels may be hiding, this light tackle lure selection is ideal. All of these lures are painted with very light colored under bellies and dark/eel colored backs. Within this lure pack is a combination of wooden and holographic plugs ranging from ¾ ounce to 1 ¾ ounces. Perfect for light tackle and kayak fishing.
1 X ¾ Ounce Baby Popper – Bronze
1 X ¾ Ounce Mini Mega Eye - Bunker
1 X 1 Ounce Zipster - Eel
1 X 1 Ounce NeedleFish – Bronze
1 X 1.75 Ounce NeedlePopper – Bronze
Value = $54.50

Yak Pak - Eel
Price: $48.00