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4.5 Ounce Tuna Slayer - Squid Pink

This Squid Pink 4.5 Ounce Tuna Slayer is similar to traditional cedar plugs but different. The plug is a wooden lure with a stainless steel thru wire and a massive swinging stinger hook. This plug has two specific pivot points that cedar plugs do not. The extra hinged effect from the front loop plus the free swinging hook gives this lure more action than any other trolling plug for large offshore gamefish.
The hook is a 10/0 VMC permasteel hook that extends three inches beyond the tail of the plug greatly increasing the hook-up ratio and decreasing the short strikes.

Dynamite for bluefin, yellowfin, mahi and other offshore gamefish.

4.5 Ounce Tuna Slayer - Squid Pink
Price: $21.00